The Crimes of Hillary Clinton and the Corruption in DC

Hillary Clinton the Criminal Felon

Democrat Party Corruption On Display

The majority of Americans know very little about Hillary Clinton. This report EXPOSES everything the Mainstream Media HIDES. Polls show that the American people despise the media as LIARSEVERY PATRIOT MUST MAXIMIZE social networks and email to DEFEAT Liberal Media PROPAGANDA! and the DESTRUCTIVE Democrat Party and the Liberal Establishment GOP agenda.

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Hillary Clinton:

Crimes - Corruption - Cover-Ups

The general population doesn't know the horrid past and current crimes, corruption and cover-ups committed by Bill and Hillary Clinton. The Liberal Media and corrupt government officials have always covered for their crimes. Now via Wiki Leaks, Gucifer 2.0 and and other groups that reveal hacked Clinton, Clinton Foundation, Clinton accomplices, government officials and other emails, plus the few remaining diligent reporters and investigators, EVERYONE is learning about these globally known scoundrels and the massive multi-billion dollar criminal organization that surrounds the Clintons. Get ready to be SHOCKED, OUTRAGED and READY TO TAKE ACTION!

Shocking Never-Trump Revelation!

The Wiki Leaks email dumps prove massive crime and corruption at the highest levels of government, the media and other industries. One of the major revelations from the "Podesta emails" is that the Hillary Clinton Campaign worked directly with the Liberal Media to KEEP a "COMPLIANT and UNAWARE population!" They intentionally LIE to keep all of Hillary Clinton's REAL and CONFIRMED crimes hidden from the consumers of liberal and establishment political media; meanwhile, these corrupt "bought and paid for" media outlets try to acted like relatively small and insignificant trivial details about Trump were major scandals in order to shamefully fool their unsuspecting audiences. Now WikiLeaks proves the Clinton/Leftist Media cartel pre-planned to make up total lies about Trump until Election Day on 8 November 2016. Sadly, the Never-Trump movement became the new Democrat Party's "useful idiots."

Video: Keep Them "Unaware" or Hillary Will Lose

WikiLeaks Excerpt

Keep "Never-Trump" Unaware and Compliant

Hillary Clinton HATES "Everyday Americans"

In a SECRET meeting with the wealthy donors that own her Hillary Clinton was CAUGHT calling Trump supporters "Deplorables" and "unredeemable." The WikiLeaks emails reveal that Hillary Clinton called Bernie Sanders supporters a "Basement Dwellers" and that she "hates everyday Americans" she called Hispanics "Needy Latinos" and she is notorious for saying about Black Americans that she wants to "Bring them to Heel" so it is clear that she laughs at those that believed her paid Liberal Media LIARS. All leaked emails clearly showed that Hillary Clinton is in politics only for the power and money. She cares NOTHING about the US Citizenry or maintaining the greatness of the United States of America. We ALL MUST maximize the use of the social media and email sharing buttons at the top of this page to awaken our fellow American Citizens that have been psychologically manipulated, used and abused by the Leftist Industrial Complex for decades. Together we CAN "Make America Great Again!"

Hillary Clinton's Corrupt Early Years

Whitewater Scandal: Hillary Clinton - Real Estate Scandal - Abuse of Government Funds for Personal Gain - Harming Old People

        * Clinton Business Partners Imprisoned: McDougals Went to Prison to Cover for Bill and Hillary Clinton. Mr. McDougal died in prison right before testifying against the Clintons and Mrs. McDougal volunteered to go to prison instead of testifying about the Clintons This is a clear example of how those that know the Clintons fear the evil wrath of the Clintons. Mrs. McDougal actually went to prison to cover for the Clintons to avoid their infamous retribution against those the Clintons perceive as threats. To complete the typical Bill and Hillary Clinton "Cycle of Crime" Bill Clinton pardoned Susan McDougal. To recap: she didn't testify, she went to prison for the Clintons, and then Bill sprung his "felony conspirator" in crime from prison.

        Lifesaving Drugs Withheld? Prison Officials Did NOT Give James McDougal the Medicine 2 Feet Away from His Body that Could Have Saved His Life

        Hillary Illegally Hid Files From Investigators? Hillary Hid Whitewater Files From Investigators and When Found in the Clinton's House - Hillary's Fingerprints Were on the Documents

TravelGate: Hillary Clinton EXPOSED as a LIAR and GUILTY of Outrageous Corruption and that Hillary Illegally Used the FBI & CIA to to try to Destroy Innocent People

FileGate: Hillary Clinton Involvement in the Illegal Use of FBI Files of Opponents for Corrupt Abuse of Power Actions Against Them

BimboGate: The Clintons War On Women - How Hillary Clinton Hired Thugs to Threaten and Scare the Women Bill Sexually Assaulted and Raped In Order to FORCE Them to Remain Silent
It didn't work! Many brave women immediately came forward to EXPOSE Bill Clinton's Sexual Assaults and RAPES and also Hillary Clinton's use of thugs and government agencies like the IRS to threaten them into silence

BUT the Leftist Media and the Democrat Party committed massive ILLEGAL cover-up operations to likewise try to silence these courageous women. Yes, it is ILLEGAL to lie and conspire with RAPISTS to help them to escape justice.


Hillary Used Thugs to Threaten Bill's Victims

Leftist Media Mocks Bill Clinton's RAPE Victims

That Hillary Clinton Attacked

ChinaGate: The Democrat Party, Bill and Hillary Clinton Received Illegal Donations from China and in Exchange The Clintons Committed Treason by Giving The Communist Chinese Government our ICBM Nuclear Rocket Technology and Covered It Up by Illegal Manipulation
This ChinaGate corruption is one of the most treasonous acts of the hundreds that the Clinton's committed and MUST be revealed to all.

AttorneyGate: Immediately upon Bill Clinton taking office he, and it was suspected Hillary Clinton was involved, FIRED ALL 93 US Attorneys across the nation and replaced them with his cronies. Many suspect this was done so Bill and Hillary would have an easier time committing crimes during the Clinton presidency and getting away with previous crimes they committed during their political lives in Arkansas.

FBIgate: Immediately upon Bill Clinton taking office he FIRED his FBI Director, William Sessions. Sessions says this was done because he refused to let the Clintons use the FBI for political purposes. Sessions seemed to be correct as Bill and Hillary Clinton were found guilt of using the FBI and other government entities like the IRS and others to take illegal punitive actions against their political opponents. We saw this same illegal abuse of power by Barack Obama when he used the FBI, IRS, EPA and other government entities to attack Conservatives, the Tea Party and other political opponents.

CIAgate: Hillary Clinton was found guilty of illegally using the CIA to attack political opponents and her criminal abuse of power was never prosecuted to the fullest extent.

PardonGate: It was suspected that Hillary Clinton coordinated with Bill Clinton to pardon the most vile criminals and violent FALN terrorist in federal custody. These pardons were seen as payoffs for political donations, political favors and in exchange for high legal fees paid to Hillary Clinton's brother who was the attorney that represented many of these criminals.

DonorGate: Hillary Clinton was found guilty of violating federal election laws and committing donor fraud. Hillary Clinton was FORCED to pay a $50,000 fine for her criminal donor fraud. Many other pay-for-play scams were reported involving the Clinton Foundation and also other Clinton Foundation spin-offs. 

CattleGate: Hillary Clinton turned $5,000 into $490,000 in a shady deal and she refused to release her tax returns nor would she cooperate when it was revealed this was suspected as a nefarious action.

Hillary's Pay-For-Play Crimes

The Pay-For-Play Law Hillary Violated: CLICK HERE for the Federal Law Making it a Crime for Hillary Clinton to Give Access to Taxpayer Dollars and Contracts in Exchange for Hundreds of Millions of Dollars in Donations to the Clinton Foundation and for Millions of Dollars in Speaking Fees for Bill Clinton

So, as you just read ALL donations to the Clinton Foundation and Bill Clinton's speaking fees from foreign and domestic entities that received favorable government action due to Hillary Clinton's facilitation in any manner is a violation of this law. Hillary Clinton literally committed hundreds of crimes under this Pay-For-Play Ethics Law alone. ON 28 OCTOBER 2016 IT WAS ANNOUNCED THAT THE FBI REOPENED THE CRIMINAL CASES AGAINST HILLARY CLINTON AND SHE WILL BE INDICTED FOR THE 100S OF CRIMES SHE COMMITTED!

Hillary's Mishandling Classified Info CRIMES

This is the Federal Law that Hillary Clinton violated by the Negligent Mishandling of Classified Information that carries a 10 year Federal Prison Sentence. Even the intentionally botched FBI "investigation" proved Hillary VIOLATED this law, and then later hacked emails PROVED that Hillary is not only GUILTY, but that Lynch and Comey intentionally tried to cover-up her crimes, so they too are also GUILTY.

Click the image below to see PROOF that Obama, Lynch and Comey are GUILTY of FELONY CONSPIRACY and also MUST BE SENTENCED to a 10 year prison term for conspiring to cover-up Hillary's CRIMINAL FELONIES!

Click Image to View Full Size

Hillary Caught on Video

I Must Hide My Emails From Investigators

Hillary Clinton was caught up in a fundraising scandal and during an event she proves her GUILT by intimating the need for a private email server to keep her emails from potential investigators. So there is no doubt that she set-up her private server to allow her to conduct illicit business during her times as a Government employee without being discovered. Once she was discovered she illegally deleted over 33,000 emails.

The Clinton Foundation

The following video MUST BE SEEN by ALL AMERICAN CITIZENS. These Experts PROVE 100% that Hillary Clinton is GUILTY of the CRIME of Mishandling Classified Material which carries a 10 year Prison Term. This panel of professionals also prove that Hillary is GUILTY of PAY FOR PLAY CRIMES as well as many other crimes to include Obstruction of Justice, Lying Under Oath (Perjury) and destruction of government property to cover-up her crimes. 

Facts Prove Hillary Clinton is GUILTY!

These are all PROVEN FACTS so she is definitely GUILTY. Bill and Hillary Clinton have committed overt criminal felonies for over 30 years but when proven, these crimes are simply called "SCANDALS" or "CORRUPTION" and no punishment except token monetary fines and out-of-court settlements are paid. Overwhelming proof shows that they get away with all of their crimes because when they assume government positions they surround themselves with people of putrid character that lie, cheat, steal and commit the most outrageous CRIMES and COVER-UPS for the Clintons. For the rest of the US citizenry, we would be convicted of felonies and imprisoned for doing the same CRIMES the Clintons have committed for over 30 years and continue to commit to this day.

Lynch/Comey: Felony Conspirators  

The experts in the video below also prove that President Barack Hussein Obama, Attorney General Loretta Lynch and FBI Director James Comey are all GUILTY of FELONY CONSPIRACY for covering up the hundreds of crimes committed by Hillary Clinton. Their crimes of Felony Conspiracy should carry the same prison terms as Hillary Clinton should serve for her proven crimes. The many honest career FBI agents and senior executives HATE Director Comey because he is a criminal felony conspirator in Hillary Clinton's crimes. Leaks have come forth proving Comey to be and arrogant pompous ASS that thinks the American citizenry is stupid and beneath him. 

Criminal Hillary: Complicit Congress

Unfortunately Republican House and Senate leaders are weak and useless. They've rubber-stamped and fully funded Obama's and the Democrat's destructive policies. They've let Obama violate the US Constitution without taking any action and looked the other way when experts exposed Hillary Clinton's crimes. So, by their ineptness and and inaction Congressional leaders are also complicit in the cover-up. Why? Because like all government employees at higher levels of management, they know everything in this report is 100% FACT but they fail to act. Specifically, Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell are directly complicit by ignoring the pleas of informed voters to use the power given to Congress by the Constitution to STOP the lawlessness of the Obama/Clinton criminal cartel.


Hillary Clinton CRIMES Proven TRUE

Slush Fund: Watchdog Found The Clinton Foundation to be a Slush Fund for the Clintons

Token Amount to Charity: In 2014 only 5.7% of Clinton Foundation Funds Went to Charity

FREE MOVIE: Watch "Clinton Cash" to Learn How Hillary Clinton Illegally Gave Access to Taxpayer Monies and Government Favors to Foreign and Domestic Donors of the Clinton Foundation and Bill Clinton Received Outrageous Speaking Fees from Those Same Donors - Hillary Clinton Committed Enumerable Pay-For-Play Crimes While Secretary of State

Hillary Clinton's 100s of CRIMES as Secretary of State

India Nuclear Crimes: Hillary Clinton Illegally Supported Export of Nuclear Tech to India after $1+ Million Clinton Foundation Donation

U.S. Uranium to Russia: Hillary Clinton Illegally Supported and Pushed Through the Deal that Ended Up Giving Russia Control of 20% of U.S. Uranium and She Got $145 Million in Donations to the Clinton Foundation and Bill Clinton Got Millions in Speaking Fees

$100 Mil From Muslim Terror Sponsors: Hillary Clinton got $100 Million from Muslim Terror Sponsors and Surprisingly She Appeases Radical Islam and Calls Those Who Fight it Islamophobes Hillary Clinton also fakes caring about "climate change" as she took this money from large oil producing nations.

WikiLeaks CAUGHT Hillary Clinton's
Climate Change Lies

"I want to defend FRACKING" Climate Change Environmentalists should
"Get a Life"

Violated Iran Sanctions: Hillary Clinton Illegally got $8.6 Million Donation from Ukraine with a Pledge of $20 Million More In Order to Violate Iran Sanctions

$6 Billion Lost: Under Hillary Clinton the State Department Lost $6 Billion in Taxpayer Dollars

$48 Million Speaking Fees: As you saw in the Pay-For-Play law above it is ILLEGAL for a government employee to profit from selling access to taxpayer dollars and this includes family members or affiliated organizations like the Clinton Foundation. Bill Clinton got $48 Million in speaking fees from those who benefited from Hillary Clinton's ILLEGAL Pay-For-Play crimes while she was Secretary of State! This is in addition to the $100s of Millions from Clinton Foundation donors that gained access to taxpayer dollars, government contracts or other government favors!

Hillary Clinton's and B. Hussein Obama's Benghazi CRIMES

GUILTY! Benghazi Corruption and Lies: The Podesta Emails provided by WikiLeaks along with the fact that Obama dropped the charges against Hillary Clinton's Arms Dealer prove both Hillary and Obama are GUILTY of arming Al Qaeda and ISIS/ISIL Muslim Terrorists in Libya and Syria. The legal case exposed them both as GUILTY so after 5 years in the legal system Obama in October 2016 had the case dismissed. It now seems clear that Obama/Hillary refused to help Ambassador Stevens during the Muslim Terror attack in Benghazi because he knew too much about their illegal arming of Muslim Terror organizations. 

Hillary Clinton Reduced Security then Refused to Send Help: Ambassador Chris Stevens asked for greater security 600 times and Hillary Clinton not only rejected those requests she actually REDUCED the security. As the Ambassador predicted his embassy came under Muslim terror attack. He immediately called for help but both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton refused to send military and other quick reaction assets that were a little over an hour away. 

Responsible for 4 Deaths: Four Americans died by this  intentional withholding of help to Americans in distress. Was this a way to silence the man that knew of their illegal arms deal between Libya and Syria? Later WikiLeaks released Hillary Clinton's deleted but recovered emails proves her total corruption in this Benghazi fiasco. Watch this short video for the details.

Spent $70,000 Tax Dollars on Muslim Apology Lie: Hillary was exposed as a LIAR by her recovered emails. She immediately called her daughter Chelsea and told her Benghazi was a Muslim terrorist attack, but she LIED to the American people for weeks and even spent $70,000 US Taxpayer Dollars on a video apologizing to Muslims about her made up Muslim Video LIE.

Hillary Clinton is Globally Known as a Failure: So, the entire world knows that Hillary Clinton was an absolute disaster during her time as Secretary of State. She lit the Middle East on Fire with Muslim Terrorism and she helped ISIS grow from less than 700 strong to over 70,000 in strength and now wreaking havoc in over 30 nations. She is owned by the Muslim lobby so she is willing to sacrifice the lives of US Citizens to Violent Muslim terrorists. She seems to have an EVIL attraction to the corrupting influence of money from criminals, murderers and Muslim TERROR sponsor. WikiLeaks hacked and released emails proving Hillary Clinton is GUILTY of hundreds of crimes and the resulting corruption to cover-up her guilt.

The Muslim Brotherhood used Hillary Clinton to facilitate the removal of the Muslim strongmen that were helping to keep relative control over a vile part of the world with a 6,000+ year history of violence, rape, slavery, mass murder and war (yes, the Middle East has been putrid well before Mohammad). This Muslim Brotherhood led boondoggle opened the doors for Muslim Jihadist to take control of major parts of Muslim nations and tens of billions of dollars in oil and other assets to fund their global jihad. Hillary Clinton's FAILED policies caused hundreds of thousands of people to be killed and her direct influence caused the destruction of any semblance of civil life in Libya, Syria and many other nations. (See further below for the details on how the Muslim Brotherhood owns Hillary Clinton, Obama and the Democrat Party)

Hillary Clinton's Honduras FAILURE: Hillary Clinton facilitated and legitimized the coup in Honduras and now this poor Central American Nation is a violent murderous state. See this short video where a human rights activist places the blame for this terrible state that Honduras is in squarely on Hillary Clinton's incompetence and corruption. Shortly thereafter this brave woman was assassinated.

Hillary Clinton's Email Crimes

Pay for Play Crimes and Cover-up: Hillary Clinton illegally set up a private email server and many say it was in order to avoid detection of her illegal activities and especially her illegal pay-for-play crimes where she, Bill and Chelsea profited millions of dollars during her role as Secretary of State where she sold access to taxpayer dollars for personal and family gain.

Obstruction of Justice: After being subpoenaed by the US Congress Hillary Clinton deleted over 33,000 emails which is a crime called Obstruction of Justice. So Hillary Clinton is GUILTY of the crime of Obstruction of Justice, but the overtly corrupt Obama government does nothing to prosecute her crimes, and even takes extraordinary actions to facilitate her felonies. 

Mishandling Classified Information: Later 15,000 of those deleted 33,000 emails were recovered and 110 classified messages were discovered to have been sent via un-secure means. This is in addition to the over 2,000 classified emails discovered earlier that Hillary illegally transmitted via un-secure means. This is a national security threat violation and a criminal felony known as the negligent Mishandling Classified Information that is punishable by prison and fine as well as revocation of all Security Clearances and future access to classified information. So, Hillary Clinton is GUILTY of the criminal felony of Mishandling Classified Information.

Failure to Mark Classified Information: As the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was an official "generator" of Classified information. Thus, SHE would have to properly mark HER OWN emails with the correct Classification as either Confidential, Secret or Top Secret with additional caveats above Top Secret, and she was to transmit 100% of ALL Classified information over secure communication systems only.

Hillary Admits Mishandling: When given her position as a political payback from President Obama, Hillary Clinton was instructed that she MUST always use secure methods to transmit and receive Classified information. This instruction is given to ALL government employees that handle Classified info. After being proven a LIAR after Hillary said she never transmitted classified info on her illegal unsecure server, she then admitted it was a mistake for her to use this illegal server. So she is definitely GUILTY of a serious FELONY which is the Negligent Mishandling of Classified Information.

Hillary Claims Incompetence as her Excuse: As a "generator" of classified information Hillary was the one that needed to safeguard the information she generated, but during the FBI "interview" on these crimes she admitted that she was inept and couldn't understand how to properly mark, identify and safeguard Classified information. During this same FBI interview she blamed her incompetence on the fact that she suffered brain damage resulting from a fall on 17 December 2012. To this day she admits that she doesn't understand that SHE is the one that MUST "mark" the Classified emails that she generates with the proper Classification and that she MUST transmit via secure digital means. Even after her time as Secretary of State, while she was a private citizen, Hillary continued to illegally email classified information on her illegal unsecured email server. 

Hillary: Incompetent and GUILTY 

Incompetence is NOT a valid excuse to get away with crimes. Comey set an immoral and illegal precedent of allowing all criminals off after committing crimes simply by saying they did not know they broke a law. Maybe we can call this the "Hillary Clinton Get Out of Jail Free" excuse for ALL criminals. 

The facts are that Hillary Clinton admitted to FBI agents that she was negligent in mishandling classified information. There is a special law for incompetent people of this nature, so She is still guilty under the "negligence clause" (f) under the Mishandling of Classified Information laws. 

Clinton Foundation Crimes: Other emails that Hillary Clinton deleted but were later recovered showed she deleted those emails to cover up her Clinton Foundation Pay-For-Play Crimes. This again is a Crime of Obstruction of Justice. And, each one of her hundreds of Pay-For-Play crimes is a separate crime.

Corrupt Obama's Department of Justice

Lynch's Felony Conspiracy Crimes: Here are the series of events of this criminal activity at the highest levels of Obama's government and especially at the Department of Justice:

The Clinton/Lynch Illegal Meeting: Bill Clinton was caught in a SECRET and ILLEGAL meeting on an Arizona airport tarmac making illegal deals with Loretta Lynch, Obama's Attorney General, regarding the prosecution of Hillary Clinton's numerous FELONIES. For the nation's top law enforcement official to secretly meet with the spouse of a suspected criminal felon that is under FBI investigation is grounds for impeachment of the Attorney General and criminal investigation into her illegal activities.

Actions of Organized Criminals: Typically organized crime members arrange for secret meetings like this to discuss criminal activities in person to avoid phone or digital communication monitoring by government law enforcement entities. Additionally, criminals meet in person like this to exchange pay-off money for illegal activities performed or soon to be performed. Were these the reasons Loretta Lynch illegally met with Bill Clinton? Everyone in Washington DC and ALL who don't consume liberal media lies know the answer to this question.

Lynch Sets Up Felony Conspiracy: Immediately after this illegal meeting with Bill Clinton, Lynch made an unusual announcement via the main stream media that she'd leave the decision to prosecute Hillary Clinton's known felonies up to her underling, FBI Director James Comey. There is no doubt that Bill Clinton told her to do this and she obeyed. This established the groundwork for the Felony Conspiracy to allow Hillary Clinton to get away with committing many criminal felonies without legal ramifications. Here's how it was carried out.

Comey Sets Up Fake Interview: Immediately thereafter James Comey coordinated a phony behind closed doors, Saturday morning "interview" with Hillary Clinton instead of placing her under oath to testify and answer to her many crimes. He did this because he knew she would have to perjure herself [lie] to cover up her crimes and he did not want her to be found GUILTY of the CRIME of Perjury.

Comey's Felony Conspiracy Crimes: Immediately the next week Comey had a press conference detailing the many felonies of Hillary Clinton but said he would not recommend prosecution. So, the FBI Director is GUILTY of the crime of Felony Conspiracy because he knowingly facilitated the felonies of another individual and in this situation that individual was Hillary Clinton.

Lynch's Felony Conspiracy Crimes: Immediately thereafter Loretta Lyncish, again Obama's Attorney General, said she would take the advice of her employee, FBI Director Comey, and would not recommend prosecution of Hillary Clinton for the felonies that she did commit.

Special Note: See above paragraphs where the word Immediately is underlined. You can see within one week of the illegal meeting with Bill Clinton, the spouse of a person under FBI investigation, Hillary Clinton, where Loretta Lynch coordinated the Felony Conspiratorial Crimes to allow Hillary Clinton to get away with committing numerous felonies. Comey and Lynch are GUILTY of Felony Conspiracy without a shadow of a doubt. Continuing...

Comey Covered Up His Crimes: Congress subpoenaed Comey's fraudulent "interview" notes from that scripted closed door meeting with Hillary Clinton. Comey had these notes and supporting documents heavily redacted [blacking out of information by black marker to avoid revealing underling information] to cover-up his illegal Felony Conspiracy Crimes. This is unmistakable criminal Felony Conspiracy actions to cover up Comey's crimes to help Hillary Clinton get away with her felonies. These documents would prove Comey covered up Hillary Clinton's felonies so he had them redacted.

15,000 Emails Released: The FBI was forced to release 15,000 of Hillary Clinton's emails that she tried to delete, again which makes her GUILTY of the crime of Obstruction of Justice, which proved that Comey's investigation was a scam designed to cover up Hillary Clinton's crimes. These emails at his disposal showing Hillary Clinton's Pay-For-Play Crimes further proves that Comey is guilty of Felony Conspiracy to cover up Hillary Clinton's Crimes. He knew all of the felonies she committed but he recommended no prosecution to help her escape justice.

Lynch Declines FBI Request to Investigate: Someone in the FBI asked to investigate Clinton Foundation crimes but Loretta Lynch declined the request which is proof she was intent all along to cover up Hillary Clinton's Felonies.

Comey Violated FBI Policy to Not Recommend: It is unethical and NOT Comey's duty to "recommend prosecution or not" as seen on the FBI's site HERE that shows the duties of the FBI in regards to referring investigations to the Justice Department.  The FBI DOES NOT recommend prosecution. This is the job of the attorneys in the Justice Department based on the facts provided by the FBI. So this is another CLEAR example that Loretta Lynch set up this Felony Conspiracy after her Bill Clinton airport meeting.

Funneled $16.5 Million to Bill: as Secretary of State Hillary Clinton funneled $55 Million Taxpayer dollars to a Clinton Foundation donor's organization. He was also connected to Laureate University which is a for profit college system. Mr. Becker is his name and he then made Bill Clinton honorary Chancellor of Laureate University and paid Bill $16.5 Million. This is a criminal felony as the funneling of Taxpayer monies by a government employee, Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State in this case, is fraud and violates numerous federal laws.

Lynch Declines FBI Request to Investigate: FBI officials asked to investigate Clinton Foundation crimes but Loretta Lynch declined the request which is proof she was intent all along to cover up Hillary Clinton's Felonies.

The Clinton Body Count

Over the past 30+ years dozens of those involved with Bill and Hillary Clinton that were set to testify to expose one of the many crimes the Clintons committed were mysteriously KILLED! The 3 most common means of death for threats to the Clintons are gunshot, falling from tall buildings and plane/helicopter crashes/explosions. Here are just 4 we know about that died in a 6 week period in 2016.

John Ashe: A former United Nations (UN) General Assembly President, John Ash, was caught up in illegal donor bribe corruption with Communist China that also involved Hillary Clinton. He was set to testify regarding his crimes and would have exposed Hillary Clinton as a criminal also. He was KILLED on 22 June 2016 before he could testify. The UN is notoriously corrupt so they lied and said he died of a heart attack. The police exposed the UN to be LIARS and admitted that and he died of the barbell that was laying across his neck.

Victor Thorn: As an investigative writer Victor Thorn exposed the crimes, corruption and cover-ups of Bill and Hillary Clinton for many years. He was one of the many investigators that revealed the Clinton Body Count where dozens of people were killed before they could testify in court about the Clinton's crimes. Most of these dozens of deaths were declared to be suicides. Thorn said that he would NEVER commit suicide, so if he ever winds up dead from a gunshot it means he was killed. Well, Thorn was shot and KILLED on his birthday on 1 August 2016.

Seth Rich: Seth Rich was the DNC staffer that released thousands of Democrat Party emails to Wiki Leaks and he was murdered for doing so. Julian Assange, the Wiki Leaks founder confirmed that Rich was the DNC Leak source and he is offering a $20,000 reward leading to the arrest of the murderer. This exposes Hillary Clinton's and the Democrat Party's lie that Russia hacked the emails. This lie is used to cover-up their murder of Seth Rich. Since Rich was not robbed this is a typical warning to others before they consider crossing the Clinton's and the Democrat Party.

Shawn Lucas: The lead attorney, Shawn Lucas, sued the DNC for cheating voters in order to make Hillary Clinton the illegitimate Democrat candidate in the 2016 Presidential Election. Less than a month after serving legal notice to the Democrat Party on 3 July 2016, Shawn Lucas was KILLED on 2 August 2016.

Liberal News Media Cover-up: It is well known that the liberal news media covers up Clinton crimes and corruption and this is especially true with the dozens of deaths related to people that are perceived or actual legal threats to the Clintons. Statistically it is impossible that so many that were set to testify in court or other government agencies against the Clintons wind up dead from suicide. Here is a well known example where Bill Clinton orchestrated the cover-up by many government agencies and the liberal news media aided in this corrupt cover-up of the killing of Vince Foster.

Bill Clinton FIRED his FBI Director, William Sessions, because Sessions refused to allow the FBI to be used for political reasons. The next day after Bill Clinton fired the FBI Director, Vince Foster was killed. Vince Foster knew about the Clinton criminal activities and seemingly was suspected of being a potential legal threat to the Clintons. Since the FBI was in turmoil over the firing of Sessions, many experts EXPOSED the FACTS that the investigation was intentionally botched and corrupt officials lied by stating the cause of death was suicide when in fact the overwhelming evidence proved that MURDER was the cause of death. See how the news media was caught aiding in this felony conspiracy by lying to the public.

2016 Cover-Up of Clinton Crimes

Google Cover-up: In 2016 the social networks like Facebook, Twitter, etc., and even the search engine Google were accused of lying and cheating for Hillary Clinton to cover-up her crimes, corruption and lies. Essentially these liberal outlets joined the liberal news media in being distrusted due to their perceived bias against Donald Trump and hiding negative facts about Hillary Clinton. Here is what the Daily Mail said is proof that Google made efforts to make it difficult for individuals to learn about the Clinton Body Count. See here...

Trump University

Like many other self-improvement courses Trump University provided the opportunity to learn how to profit with real estate. Other famous self-improvement gurus like Anthony Robbins, Deepak Chopra and many others similarly offer students the ability to improve their lives and often their courses can be very expensive. Students voluntarily enroll in their courses must apply what is taught to actually see results. Trump U is being sued essentially because some students did not achieve success in their lives after completion of the course. This is the case for all self-help gurus and life coaches. No one can guarantee success.

Millions Fail to Achieve Success After College

Millions of college students that earn college degrees are unable to find adequate employment and must settle for minimum wage work or other types of income sources that are not related to their degrees. So, this precedent of suing for not achieving success after receiving instruction or education should allow millions of college graduates should be able to sue their colleges because they were not successful after graduation. Is this what we want in the USA?

Hillary Clinton Trump U Lawsuit Connection

The law firm connected to the Trump U Case has a $675,000 connection to Hillary Clinton. The Judge prosecuting the case has ties to this same law firm.  So, their is an illegal conflict of interest in this case from every angle.

Trump U Judge Open Borders Connection

The Judge prosecuting the Trump U case has many ties to Open Border, Pro-Illegal Alien, and Amnesty for Criminal Aliens groups. He should recuse himself for this reason alone as Trump is promoting enforcement of our current immigration laws which is against this biased judge's personal beliefs.

Clinton University Pay-For-Play Crimes

As you read above about Laureate College (Clinton University) the Clintons are guilty of funneling over $16 Million taxpayer dollars to Bill via Hillary Clinton's connections as Secretary of State. The Liberal media refuses to investigate and report this Pay-For-Play crime where taxpayers were forced to pay these illegal transactions in secret deals. Remember Trump U students voluntarily received the education in which they personally enrolled.

See How Muslim Brotherhood Controls Hillary Clinton

The Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated the US Government under the rule of Barack Hussein Obama, Hillary Clinton and the Democrat Party. The Muslim Brotherhood is considered a Radical Terrorist Group in many countries like Russia, Egypt and others. See below how they control the Democrat Party and how Hillary Clinton is deeply involved with this terrorist group.

Hillary Clinton's Illegal Arms DealsShe Armed ISIS and Al Qaeda In Libya and Syria

Barack Hussein Obama had charges dropped against the Obama and Hillary Clinton connected Arms Dealer that illegally armed radical Muslims in Libya. The government's investigation was too close to exposing Obama's and Hillary Clinton's crimes so he had the charges dropped and the cased dismissed. 

The Obama/Hillary Clinton Criminal Government

This is a clear example of how B. Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton ran a criminal government but they policed themselves so they interfered with law enforcement and the judicial system to get away with their crimes. This holds true for all of their illegal actions outlined in this exclusive report. Attorneys General Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch as well as FBI Director, James Comey are their Chief criminal accomplices and felony conspirators that facilitated Barack's and Hillary's crimes.

Politicians are Complicit in Hillary Clinton's CRIMES by Their Inaction

ALL Democrat politicians are complicit because they know of this illegal activity and lie and obstruct justice to help the crimes keep flowing. Republican politicians are either inept or corrupt themselves and complicit in these crimesPlease share this report with everyone you know. by their inaction. Everyone knows Obama/Clinton committed dozens of crimes and violated the U.S. Constitution on a regular basis, but no one takes action. Politicians and bureaucrats that know of these crimes and fail to take action to pursue criminal indictment is itself a crime. So, now you know why all informed citizens are sick of our criminal government and want to fire them all and elect honest patriots in their place. Only with a totally informed and educated electorate can we accomplish this honorable and noble objective. 

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Hillary Clinton Money Laundering?

The Panama Papers are hundreds of thousands of records that were released to the public that shows how global elitists launder money via numerous off-shore methods. It seems that Bill, Chelsea and Hillary Clinton are caught up in this scandal. This seems to be the answer of how the Clinton's wealth grew to over $300 Million when their government salaries and book revenues don't come close to accounting for this level of wealth.

Hillary: No Big Deal that 307,000 Veterans Died

Hillary Clinton outraged the US military and veteran communities when she made light of the fact that 307,000 veterans died while awaiting to get scheduled for car at Veterans Administration health facilities. This shows her disregard for our brave men and women that serve our great nation in the military.

Liberal Media and Fact Checkers are GuiltyCovers-Up Hillary Clinton's Crimes

The liberal media are guilty of covering up Hillary Clinton's crimes, so their audiences know nothing about the facts presented herein. They also LIED for Barack Hussein Obama and now we see the destruction he committed against our economy, our culture and our society. They covered-up his violations of the US Constitution and his criminal felony conspiracy to help Hillary Clinton get away with her CRIMES.

Fact Checkers are Liberal LIARS

Now it is revealed that the supposed unbiased Fact Checkers are all connected to Hillary Clinton and are front groups to help promote the Democrat Party agenda. NEVER BELIEVE WHAT THEY SAY. See this EXPLOSIVE report on Snopes, FactCheck and PolitiFact.

Climate Change Politics

In the 1970s world Leftist politicians promoted "Global Cooling" and later after the natural weather trend moved to warming the Leftists claimed that if they didn't control CO2 "Global Warming" would end life on Earth. The warming trend stopped once again so Leftist politicians now call it "Climate Change" and they act as though weather catastrophes are a new phenomenon caused by man.

Global Warming Scientists Caught in Hoax

Fortunately the bought-and-paid-for "Global Warming Scientists" were exposed as LIARS when their emails were hacked and released. These emails proved that they hid all information that proved them to be LIARS and fabricated data to continue their lies. The Leftist media outlets try to act as though this didn't happen in order to promote their Democrat Party and global Leftist agenda of CRUSHING control over the people of every country. See here for the details...

Hillary Clinton and Democrat Party = LIARS

Hillary Clinton and the Democrat Party still perpetuates this lie because they still have the goal of total control of every American via climate change scams, healthcare and over-regulation of every aspect of the lives of every American. Hillary Clinton vowed to eliminate every "clean coal" energy business and job in the USA. She also vowed to over-regulate ALL U.S. energy companies and skim their profits to benefit her, her family and friends and the Democrat Party. HOWEVER, she gladly took $100 Million from Muslim oil producing countries, which also are Muslim terror sponsors. So, she clearly doesn't care about fossil fuel emissions. No, see next for the great scam that Leftists tried to screw America with but smart voters stopped, but first see...

Chicago Climate Exchange Scam

The ultimate goal of the Global Leftist politicians was to create a "Climate Exchange" that would rake in more money than the Stock Market. They intended to use "Cap and Trade" legislation to FORCE all businesses and individuals to comply with this SCAM. Everyone admits that none of the heavy-handed regulation that the Leftists want to impose on the people of the world would do anything to change the climate, but politicians push it on unsuspecting and uninformed people in order to gain more power, control and wealth. Again, in 2009-2010, smart American voters STOPPED this scheme immediately when the Democrat Party and a good number of Liberal Republicans tried to FORCE this on the USA. Other countries with uninformed and weak populations were not so fortunate and they are now stuck with Climate Change schemes in their own countries.


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Disclaimer: the statements of guilt in this report are taken from the many details exposed by diligent investigators, but President Obama fails to pursue charges because it seems that he himself is involved in the criminal activity. To make this point clear, a murderer is guilty of murder not by what the legal system in a country determines but by the "act" of murder itself. So, this report exposes the massive corruption, crimes and cover-ups committed by Barack Hussein Obama, Hillary Clinton and their cronies.


  1. Anyone with a couple of connected brain cells ought to be able to make a perfectly intelligent decision to vote for Donald J. Trump.

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